A Young Designer’s Dream of Building her Own Brand
January 11, 2017 | Wespace  | Designer Workshop

Charlotte Ng, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University of Fashion and Textile Design, who currently hold position as fashion designer and product development manager.

Fashion designer, fashion design instructor, modeling instructor, and other related positions

Charlotte, who looks younger than her age, has been a fashion designer and product development manager for some time now. She has travelled extensively looking for the right fabrics and textiles, often travelling to mainland China to factories to obtain samples and learning the different processes. Those days still remain fresh in her memory as she looks back, “In Hong Kong, it is really hard to find factories that are willing to do samples, and even if there are places that are willing to do them, it still costs a lot and it’s not something who is new to the industry can afford, expenses are limited, therefore the only way is to go to mainland China to look for resources”. But as the prices are also rising each year, only a few factories are willing to do samples and they still cost ‘an arm and a leg’, without financial support or investors, small local designers have a long journey ahead of them.


Without any financial backing, Charlotte had to build her brand with her talent and passion, but due to the many restrictions, her passion was slowly being buried. However, she rekindled her passion when she realized that there was a place called WeSpace, “their multi-function rooms allow free use, from mini-fashion shows to exhibitions, more importantly, the founder of WeSpace has experience in the fashion industry and also has connections which he’s able to share, he is a mentor and this is one of the reasons why I chose to work here”.

In addition to this, Charlotte has also made full use of ‘WeSpace PLUS’, as she has stated “almost all fresh graduates go through a “shell-less” phase, where they have no one or no where to turn to, where you still need support from your university, whether it is to borrow a sewing machine or to use their cutting room facilities. Now, it takes me seconds to go to the WeSpace PLUS equipment room, where I have enough space to do what I need to, and take another 5 minutes walk to the Clothing Industry Training Authority where samples can be made easily. This has definitely increased and enhanced my brand’s competitiveness in the market.”

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