2014 YDC Champion – Nelson Leung
January 11, 2017 | Wespace  | Designer Workshop

Nelson Leung
Fashion Designer, Fashion Design Instructor, Modeling Instructor, and other related positions

  • Graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of fashion and textiles.
  • In 2014, won the YDC championship with his fashion line named “Do You Remember?” and had just debuted in New York.

With only his passion for fashion design, he entered the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to study. Even in the early days, everyone including his family denounced that the fashion industry is not a a good business plan and with the printing, production and sampling and purchasing fees, Nelson has felt the pressure from the start. It was only when he was announced the winner of the YDC newest talent championship, he finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief but the real life problems were never far behind. “To open an actual shop in Hong Kong is a hard task in itself, and with my designs and the brand image that I want to convey, I cannot choose profits and mass production over making what I want to do even harder.”

After Nelson won the award, he went to New York, Japan, Taiwan and many other places to find that even foreign buyers and purchasers not only look at the design, the quality, but also the ‘seniority’ of the designer. “I think I was too naïve before, I didn’t realize that in the fashion industry, the amount of years and experience takes a huge importance, mostly because they already have some sort of financial backing or investors but as a new designer, and always facing scarce financial resources, it becomes a risk.

“Even my friend ask, when I ask them for advice, why the prices of my designs have to be over a thousand dollars, but because of the paper samples, the cutting fees, the high productions costs, the production already costs around one thousand dollars, not counting in the numerous hours or design in mind.”

When I realized that WeSpace can provide a one-stop-hip for fashion designers, I was more than elated, I could not believe that under the current environment that someone with such a background and experience provided us, new designers, a way out. He provided support and minimized costs and time, more importantly, I get to meet different people from the same industry to share our experiences with. This broadened my horizon and even without travelling, I am able to meet with buyers directly, communicate and meet with them. This is definitely an opportunity that I wasn’t expecting.

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