WeSpace to Create a Designers’ Paradise
January 5, 2017 | wespace  | Designer Workshop

WeSpace – With a background in Fashion Design and Performing Arts, Tommy wanted to bring hope to the new generations of fashion and entrepreneurs alike. “WeSpace” forms an interactive community of reciprocity, for new designers, this mean additional support from contacting overseas buyers to pattern-making and space that will allow them to create their masterpieces. WeSpace also plans to hold exhibitions from time to time and invite foreign buyers to visit, to strengthen the local fashion designers brands and the international market, as well as to improve sales channels. We work together.

WeSpace – The Complete Package X Industry Support

Tommy’s family has been in the garment industry for over 30 years and he has seen what Hong Kong local designers can offer. His wish is to help local brands branch out to the world and to allow this, he has first decorated WeSpace as a Co-Working Office Space, following the latest Western trends of office design.

Here you can rent your own space or you can share office equipment with others in a co-working space. So, depending on your needs, WeSpace will have the perfect space for anyone.

Tommy said, “The reason why we chose Ngau Tau Kok as the headquarters, is not only is the rent cheaper than the main business districts, the government is also spending $500 million to promote the fashion industry and one of the projects include open houses in Kowloon Bay where Hong Kong designers can create the needed samples, this will help lowering costs and time for everyone.”


Helping designers to develop business channels

Tommy has also placed a lot of thought into the needs of designers, from indoor lockers to the WeSpace PLUS floors, Tommy who began his work in garment understands the needs of designers and hopes to help however he can. There are 4 levels in WeSpace, one floor is designated the Designer Floor that will be able to support designers in their creative endeavors and WeSpace PLUS has different room sizes for any needs, and the multi-function room which can allow exhibitions and events, like mini-fashion shows. We will invite people from various backgrounds to the exhibitions and this will act as an additional channel to enhance opportunities.

Create New Business Opportunities

Tommy said that the establishment of WeSpace could promote the local creative design industry, “I hope this will bring designers and professions from all industries together, to build a small community. We put lots effort in the design of this public space, such as rare outdoor garden space in the market, to allow tenants communicate and create new ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, thereby creating new business opportunities, and coupled with our support, it is determined to carry out the international market for all the industries. ”

Tommy believes there is great potential for the development of shared workplaces in Hong Kong at the moment. However, it also needs continuous improvement to meet the needs of tenants. “We are committed to making WeSpace a fashion designer’s paradise, and hope to promote the development of fashion design in Hong Kong. At the same time, there are different industries stationed, such as technology, finance, products, media and creative professionals. In this mini-community, we regularly organize different types of workshops and planning exhibitions, as well as assist tenants in planning public relations activities and applying for art funds to widen the partnership and buyers’ context. When a common workspace brings together designers from different industries, it will certainly produce a synergistic effect, sparks and more creative bursts. Creating a small community to help each other to support local production is our original intention.”

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