Phoebe & Kelvin
04/01/2017 | Wespace  | Designer Workshop


  • Currently a freelance stage worker
  • Master of Arts in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Arts from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts School of Drama, majoring in Performing Arts
  • Participated in the performance: “Forced by Richness” and “Longing my heart. Moreover, with “Between us”, she won the outstanding actress in the Fifth Hong Kong Theater Awards.

Speaking of creative arts, how could you forget about the theatre? Today, the number of theater companies in Hong Kong has shrunk. With several of Broadway performances and musicals constantly staged, it seems full of vitality; in fact, most of them are sinking into a difficult business dilemma. With a limited budget and the need for suitable venues for rehearsals, this became the biggest problem faced by any performer.

Kelvin, who loves dancing and is often involved in different types of stage performances, is quite familiar with the rehearsal venues in Hong Kong. The first sentence said by Kelvin has highlighted the key point: “As a performer, the biggest problem we face is space. The rehearsal venue we normally go to are a studio inside of factory building, which either lacks  a mirror or a complete sound system. Some places have columns, some places leak water;, it is really difficult to find a big, corporate space to complete the rehearsal.” The stage actor, Phoebe, refers to a stage, or musical production as having fewer production costs, such as costumes, scenery, props and rehearsal venues, etc. In all aspects, one should take good control of costs. The rental budget is also very limited, “either we have to travel to remote locations or rent a venue with poor quality.” It has been said before ‘one second on the stage requires ten years of practice behind the scene’.

On the actual visit, Kelvin and Phoebe entered the WeSpace at Ngau Tau Kok; they remarked, “Wow!” when they saw the Multi-Function Room. Phoebe said: “I feel very comfortable here, simple and clean and there are windows. It is important for the actors/actresses to see the sun during the rehearsal, and the floor is high enough, which provide us enough space for high-altitude actions.” Kelvin, on the other hand, was impressed by the 7.2-inch sound system said, “Audio equipment is very important to us and can get us more involved.”

Phoebe believes the concept of WeSpace will help them to understand the different circles of friends, finding opportunities to co-operate with each other, “Normally, when rehearsals in other Studio might only know the troupes of performers, but in WeSpace, there will be a chance to know the dancers, musicians and even designers. “Phoebe sees demand in the theatre designer, whether graphic or fashion designers.  For the theatre plays, we need graphic designers to design a poster to attract the people, and stage clothing, we need to co-operate with fashion designers.  In this open Co-Working atmosphere, meeting each other’s design, can also increase the opportunities for mutual co-operation.”

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